10 Creative Products #9

1 . Package that uses small amount of material. It’s made of natural microwaved
cardboard and consists of one piece. The eggs placed into ellipse-shaped cuts.
The consumer can get the eggs by the turning of topside.

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2.Clever “business card” design by Fischer Portugal utilizes a self-inking rubber stamp and any nearby piece of paper to create an eco-friendly card for an environmental consultant.



3. V4 is a lovely interpretation of a vase made from iron, concrete and walnut, by Seung Yong Song. It creates a strong contrast between the nature and artificial material.



4. Wall tape designed as a craft tape that allows people decorate their wall in their own way. It comes with multiple colors and patterns .


5. Lovely sand vases, by Yukihiro Kaneuchi, based off the game of Bou-Taoshi. Have you heard of this game? Players make a heap of sand and place a branch in the center, then each player takes turns removing sand. The one who causes the branch to fall loses. It is a common sight in several Japanese temples, where the conic shape represents where god first came in the mythological age. The sand heap is also considered to be an object representative of a divine spirit.



Goedzak is a special “trash” bag for items that you no longer want but are still in good condition and probably desirable to others. If Goodwill or Craigslist are improbable or inaccessible, this packaging is an excellent solution.



7. The Corner Ladder, as it’s aptly named, features rungs that split in two and grooves in the rails so the whole thing collapses into a fraction of its original size. So it’s easy to stash in the corner of a closet, or slide into the smallest of crawl spaces.



8. Thomas Kral has created this clever series of objects inspired by the red clown nose. The cork cover is connected to the ceramics container with colored elastic. I like the simplicity and the material choice of this design.



9. Axor Starck V allows us to experience the vitality of water. A powerful water vortex accentuates the inherent vitality of nature. The glass body and open-ended spout make it possible for us to experience this natural element at home with unprecedented intensity.



10. Smart Handle is an elongated handle for cooking pot lids that makes safer and cleaner cooking possible. The elongated handle projects away from the hot lid, making a larger and cooler surface to grab. When the lid is put down, it can be stood up on the handle to save bench space. And the condensed steam on the inside of the lid can drain into a channel within the handle rather than onto the bench.


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