10 Creative Products #8

1. The Triangle Notebook converts from its unusual shape into a square when opened. A durable fabric cover is sturdy yet flexible enough for optimized writing on the 144 ruled pages inside.



2. Packing design for Babees honey. It is such a simple and lovely design that everything are put at the right spot, especially the black stripes and the sticker.


3. Superb packaging created for the Stereo Earphones Headphones RP-HJE 130 Panasonic. Designed by the German agency Scholz & Friends, this packaging was inspired by the shape of a musical note for an effect as effective as simple.


4. Packing design for helping cure hunger in New York. Transparent plastic is used to create a dramatic and fun look.


5. Packing design for olive oil. Simplicity and luxurious are integrated in this design, bright gradient is used to show the amount of oil let in the bottle.


6. Ogilvy & Mather France designed a series of slarge-scale, dual-purpose ads for IBM’s Smarter Cities campaign. The billboards embody the company’s mission, transforming static advertisements into useful urban tools.


7. Translucent, colored laser cut plexiglas create this lovely poster for San Francisco Design Week. The identity work, designed by Manual Creative, was based on the concept ‘Exploring The Creative Overlap’.



8. Sound artist Yuri Suzuki designed this delightful interactive installation in which a miniature vehicle – the color chaser – detects and follows a black line and translates crossing coloured lines as RGB data into sound.


11347896064_e0980f7ebf_o (1)

9. ” TOGO burger ” is a packaging that allows to transport a takeaway, reducing the volume and therefore the amount of paper packing.

Seulbi Kim_Area_Visual_6

10. This bookshelf called Hold On Tight by Colleen & Eric. It has an integrated bookend (a cube with an oversized wing-nut that you can loosen and slide on a track to make room for more books).



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