10 Creative Products #7

1.The clothes hanger is not only a useful addition, but a crucial element in the Steckling. By inserting the coat hangers into the maple pole the wardrobe attains its complete functionality and striking optic appearance. Whether you use it as a hook or hang your  jacket carefully on the hangar, this coat rack constantly shows its versatility.


001 009

2.The ceramic cup shows a full moon when it’s full of liquid, then as your drink, it slowly unveils a half moon, then a crescent-shaped moon.


8   Moon-Glass-7

3.Folded Dish Sponge concept that has a dedicated scrub slot integrated to the spongy middle, so that you can have squeaky-clean dishes. Simple and innovative!


4.Ice Breaking Shovel is a nifty multi-tool, because frozen water can be such a double-sided affair. Use it either as an ice cracking tool, or an ice shoveling tool.


5. Artem Zigert of Kazakhstan based design studio Mechanical Piano has created the Mechanical “Perspective” chair. The designer decided to play with the perspective and converging lines and created this sculptural chair concept.


6.OasiSaw is a clever pump system that utilizes FUN to source ground water! Modeled after a seesaw, the design harnesses the energy created during play to not only pump, but filter water using a carbon nanotube filter.


7.Prevent excess water from collecting and bacteria from growing on your dish or soap tray. This self-draining tray is functionally designed with smooth slopes to allow excess water to flow back into the sink.


8. Food Huggers are small silicone thingamajigs that help you save your fruits and vegetable from the trash or compost bin. The flexible inner edges of the Food Hugger seals in the juices so that your food won’t spoil or dehydrate as quickly as it would otherwise.

timthumb food-huggers-2

9. Life Keeper imagines an entirely new infrastructure of street lamps that double as protection during disasters. Like deep-rooted trees, each lamp is reinforced and connected to form an underground scaffolding that’s steadfast against rushing water. Attached to each is a floating shield that 4-5 stranded persons can use as protection from floating debris. Inside they’ll also find life jackets, a medical kit and a emergency call system to give them the best chance of survival.

lifekeeper_01 lifekeeper_03

10. Nar is a coffee table that combined the function of a coffee table and a book shelf together.


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