10 Creative Products #10


STIK is a walking stick that’s not just functional but slick in its design too. Meant for scenarios that transcend just walking, the handle detail is designed to act as a support in a much broader sense. And with its unique extruded design, it doesn’t bend under pressure!


stik_walking_stick_2 stik_walking_stick_3 stik_walking_stick_4 stik_walking_stick_5 stik_walking_stick_6 stik_walking_stick_7

2. VR headset from MINI  is designed to boost your driving experience, the headset projects relevant data around you. So you focus on the road, but driving directions, automotive indications, navigation data appears in your peripheral vision. The headset doesn’t take your focus away from the road, it in fact prevents you from having to look away from the road to see your fuel meter, or ask for directions.





3. This stylish, half-slice shaped sconce uses a clever combination of lines and curves to create the visual illusion that it’s unattached and floating. Not only for looks, the unique placement of the 3D shape effectively illuminates the space with a variety of vertical positions easily defined by the user.



4. Flower-pot for the Forgetful. It uses discarded batteries (they usually have low-voltage power in them) to run a sensor that detects moisture levels in the soil. All you need to do is fill up a reservoir with water and the Puro will help itself to a little drink every now and then. Just make sure you don’t have your pet coming and lapping up all the water!


puro_planter_1 puro_planter_2 puro_planter_3puro_planter_4

5. The bottle has a telescopic compartment within it. All you need to do is open it out, fill either compartment, and slowly push both the compartments together. The water passes through the filter from one space to the other.

sukori_water_bottle_2 sukori_water_bottle_4 sukori_water_bottle_6


The bungee Bath shampoo holder is an ingenious little product that holds on to your shampoo bottles, making your bath-time a little more productive and a lot more entertaining. The holding rings are all elastic, so no matter how big or small your shampoo bottle is, you’re covered. The sticking pad is a proprietary invention called Thorpad that makes use of suction and a non-sticky adhesive to firmly secure your Bungee Bath to the bathroom wall.

bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_1 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_2

7. The Aid One Cover is a revolutionary life-saving tool that gives users step-by-step infographic guidance to perform CPR and the recovery position.

d_01 d_04 d_05

8. Tabletop Appliance for Food Storage and Cooking. Serve your meal without reaching the fridge to take out those lock & locks. Temperatures for each containers can be individually controlled, which helps to keep the foods in perfect condition according to their characteristics. You don’t even need to use the microwave to make the foods taste better. If necessary, you can heat up the food before eating it.


9. At first glance, this chair appears to be disobeying the laws of Physics. The Magic Chair seems to only stand on one foot. This optical illusion is made possible by a transparent material used to help maintain the balance of the chair. Despite its fragile appearance, this chair is very durable and strong.


magicchair magicchair2

10.The Volcano Series (humidifier) is designed to focus on the process of emitting vapor. It operates in two stages. In stage 1, it emits vapor with a flashing blue light (like a volcano that is about to erupt). In stage 2, it produces doughnut-shaped condensed vapor with a flashing red light (like an active volcano).


volcano volcano2

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