10 Creative Products #6

1. Blind adapter is designed to fit with existing electrical outlets and has an annular magnetic electrode so that the plug stays fixed onto the socket. Convenient Braille tags allow one to identify the appliance being plugged in

blind_adapter  blind_adapter3

2. I-Nipple is a pacifier that also detects temperature changes, instantly relaying information to i-Egg which notifies parents. The i-Cam works as an HD camera for monitoring and taking pictures/recording videos.

bobi_01 bobi_02

3. Chalkeeper is a very innovative way to contain chalk dust (which causes allergic reaction in many children) and reuse it. It is basically a duster that erases chalk from the blackboard and absorbs it into the system. When enough dust is collected, it molds it back to a piece of chalk

chalk_keeper chalk_keeper2

4. Corner’s Communication Warning Sign.

corner (1) corner corner2

5. Deodr is a convenient way to freshen up clothes without having to wash them. The system uses a photocatalyst light tube and fan-induced convection to get rid of the Body Odors and make clothes smell better.

deodr_1 deodr_3 deodr_4

6. E-Z is a flap kinda attachment that you slip on the rim of a wide-mouthed pot or shallow pans so that you can pour the liquid contents into a bowl or utensil without spilling over.


7. The Safe Guard is a life buoy to be used by people who don’t know how to swim, but need to help rescue a drowning person.

safe_guardsafe_guard2 safe_guard3 safe_guard4

8. Succulent Concept, a mock up of a succulent plants. It helps collect and filter in the morning dew, directly into a bottle and is easily portable.


9. Swyp is designed as metal card can hold as many as 25 cards, including credit, debit, loyalty rewards, gift, and frequent flier cards. Swyp works at any store, restaurant, or payment terminal that takes normal credit or debit cards.

10. Voltair is a wind power generator comprised of an array of fans set on the median of a highway, each of them turned by the air pushed past by the cars speeding by. The cars that’d be going by one way or another.

Voltair_01 Voltair_03

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