10 Creative Products #4

1. Air Jumper allows you to bring in the fresh air from any part of the world into your home. The concept revolves around this globe-esque device that floats and dispenses fresh air quality depending upon the place you’d like to experience.

air_jumper air_jumper3

air_jumper5 air_jumper6

2. Bana Bender mix is designed for those people who always look for an excuse to stay away from the gym. It is basically an over-sized shower nozzle that shaped as a piece of elastic, bendable device. Holding the handles on both sides of the device, you can work on your upper-body while taking a shower.

bana_bender bana_bender2

3. Cavity Flowerpot is designed with four receptacles to hold wet umbrellas. Excess water drains off and collects into a dish whereby plants absorb into their root system.

cavity cavity3
4. the Melo Mind headset reads neural activity and attempts to translate it in the language of music. The brain’s waves are transmitted via Bluetooth to a connected app, which computes your level of stress and translates it into two kinds of music the company calls Relaxed and Distractor. It aims to release mental stress.

 melomind CES_010415_AW_0308

5. The Light Ivy is a clever lamp that features wire made from strong yet lightweight craft wire. The purpose is to expose the meandering electric wire of this lamp in a creative way.

ivy_light3 ivy_light2

6.The Rapport project aspires to achieve just that! It’s all about facial expression. You look at it, it looks back at you and suggests some music. It understand whether you like it or dislike the tunes, and depending on your face, it either cranks it up or changes the music! Similarly, it communicates its own “feelings” with familiar expressions.

rapport_01 rapport_02 rapport_05 rapport_04

7.FLIP is the latest in the wearable biometric tech craze, but quite different from  fitness bands and smartwatches. Rather than on your wrist, the device adorns your ear like jewelry for a more discrete and comfortable look and feel that one might even forget is there. Easily paired with smart devices, FLIP acts as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep analyzer and more, providing real-time bio-data expressed in a simplified, user-friendly app.

flip_00 flip_002 flip_03

8. Microsoft’s HoloLens prototype has all the innards of a computer built directly into the headset. That means no cords or even a smartphone required.Microsoft

 microsoft-hololens-rgb win10_holoLens_livingRoom_web

9.Anton Strainer Bowl is designed to keep the contents submerged until you’re ready to strain with a simple filter and spout placed on the side rather than bottom. Better yet the placement avoids overfilling and its long spout doubles as a handle for easy maneuvering in the kitchen.

photo-1024x768 caveman-factory-anton-strainer-bowl-kitchen-problems-designboom-06

10. Vessyl is an ordinary-seeming cup with a fairly extraordinary hidden feature: It always knows what’s inside of it. Using sensors built into its inner walls, it automatically analyzes the molecules of whatever liquid you pour in.

vessyl22 VESSYL33765028487963123633 Screen-Shot-2014-11-01-at-6.10.31-PM

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