20 Creative Quotes

  1. Great creativity comes from careful observation.
  2. Great design cannot be made behind closed doors; communication brings your creativity to another level.
  3. I see creativity as a technique of capturing and controlling inspiration.
  4. Creativity is an inner potential that can be evoked by challenging myself.
  5. You will never know what you can create if you always follow your old routine and stay in your cozy zone.
  6. I believe challenging myself constantly is the way to unlock my inner creativity.
  7. Creativity is not to design something bold without any limitations, but also to design an appropriate work that can fit in its context.
  8. Whether a product is appropriate for its situation or not is an important criterion of creativity.
  9. I thought creativity was an ability to create something interesting out of nothing, but it needs fact-based logical support as the underpinning for your idea.
  10. Some people consider creativity as a born gift. In my perspective, training can develop creativity.
  11. Go out and find your place in the world. You will never know what’s going to inspire you.
  12. Creativity exists where your passion exists.
  13. Being creative is not being wired or being different for the sake of being different.
  14. Self-admiration can kill your creativity because it blinds your eyes.
  15. Creation makes me feel alive.
  16. A creative design is never going to be something difficult to understand so stop complaining people don’t understand your design.
  17. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many ideas, because you just need to start to work on the best one.
  18. Fix your bad mood before your creation because your mood will be shown on your work.
  19. Do not judge your ideas when you just get started, do it latter.
  20. Creation makes me happy, good or bad.

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