10 Creative Products #3

1. Curtain design by Florian Krautli

Embedding hundreds of evenly dispersed tiny magnets into a grid of prefab folds allows for the easy manipulation of the silhouette or strategically modifying exposure for light and/or privacy.

magnetic_curtain2 magnetic_curtain3 magnetic_curtain4 magnetic_curtain5

2.Eco Box

Eco Box is a concept to change the way we ripen, harvest, and deliver fresh fruit. The box is “packaged” around a fruit with plenty of holes for air circulation. The fruit is allowed to ripen this way reaching its full sweet potential. The box protects the fruit from insects and when it’s ready, picked and ready to be sold.

eco_box eco_box2

3.Nail cushion

Sometimes nails are too short and small for our fingers to hold and we end up with swollen thumbs. The Nail Cushion is a rubberized plate that holds various nail diameters to allow an easy and safe strike. By default the plate also helps drive the nail straight in.


4.Roll ‘Em Up

Rolling Table looks like a giant fruit by the foot rollup. You can adjust the size of each table by rolling in more material from other neighboring tables. If you need to combine them, just roll them up tightly together. Even from a distance, you’ll always know which tables make up which conversational group.


5.Vase Design

The action of this vase illustrates the state of the flower within. Made from handcrafted pewter, the vase stands proud when it is full of water, though as the level of water evaporates, the vase starts to lie down. An obvious metaphor for life. A great visual cue to know when to add more water.


6.Wall Mounted Fruit Holder by Joung Myung Lee

“The Ring” is an unusual fruit bowl made of porcelain. It is not placed on a dining table or on kitchen unit but hangs on the wall. The concept is between art and design. It is to be hang on the wall, like a decorative piece of art, a modern version of still life fruit paintings. Yet, as a fruit bowl, the ring is a useful design object, shape and openings are a new and interesting unit for a fruit bowl. The fruit is put into the opening at the top and can be taken out at the bottom. At both sides opening are located to show the amount of remaining fruit.


7.Leo Cat – Scratching Post by James Owen

Leo can be had with either a stabilized or rounded base. The rounded base is gently curved and produces a slight rocking motion whenever kitty wants to sharpen its claws and engage in some playtime activity. The stabilized base is for the cat that prefers an inert foundation when it does it’s scratching.


8.OneShot – Folding Chair

OneShot is a folding stool. It’s also a smart trick: no axle, no screw, no spring or visible hinge. Only by virtue of gravity, a vertical bundle of polyamide rods fluidly unfolds to become a seat. The miracle lies in the technique of Selective Laser Sintering that allows the fabrication in just one shot of the seating surface, the legs and the hidden and integral articulations.


9.Emergency Cast by Yoon Bahk

The cast is intended for emergency use. It comes flat packed. To use it is folded up and the injured arm is slid in. After locking the velcro strips around the arm, then air is pumped inside the inflatable lining to hold the arm in place securely till the user gets hospital treatment.

emergency_cast emergency_cast2

10.Hidden Kitchen by June He

Designed to improve the mentality of a kitchen both physically and mentally. Every function a traditional kitchen has is hidden behind the kitchen wall allowing easier clear up of the kitchen. The form of hiding saves the room of the house, which exhibits a sense of freedom and comfort.

hidden_kitchen hidden_kitchen2

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