10 Creative Product #2

1. Kamiai Chopsticks

Modern chopsticks with integrated magnets snap together for easy storage and transportation.

2in1chopsticks06 2in1chopsticks07

2. The Porthole

The Porthole is a simple, beautiful infusion vessel designed by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail design studio. It can be used to create striking cocktails, oils, teas, dressings, lemonade, coffee, or any other type of cold infusion.



3. Save Paste

Innovative design eliminates the hard-to-squeeze areas in the container, minimizing the amount of toothpaste left behind.


4. Bottle Loft

Innovative bottle hanger designed by Brian Conti  uses powerful magnets to hold  bottles with metal caps. It can will convert unused space in your refrigerator into a creative hanger for beverage.

bottleloft02 bottleloft05 bottleloft09


Comfortable hammock designed to be attached underneath the desk allows you to rest your feet while you work.

Fuut-Desk-Foot-Rest1 fuutimage1

6. Melting Ice Sculpture

A Brazilian artist and sculptor Nele Azevedo has arranged 5,000 small ice figures on the steps of Chamberlain Square in Birmingham, U.K. in order to remember the men and women that lost their lives during WWI, including civilians.

ice-sculptures-remember-the-fallen-of-world-war-4 ice-sculptures-remember-the-fallen-of-world-war-11

7.Invisible Fence

Reflective fence  blends into the environment and becomes almost invisible.

mirrorfence01 mirrorfence05

8. Soft Cabinets

These Soft Cabinets from Studio Dewi van de Klomp  rethink the typical bookshelf or cabinet by constructing them out of foam rubber. Slots are cut into the dense material creating pockets of space for your dishes or books. The foam cushions itself around the object holding them in place. The more objects you place in each cabinet, the overall shape begins to change and the piece starts to droop, but not fall, slightly under the weight.


9. GrillComb

The GrillComb is a stylish way to grill and was designed with multiple teeth allowing you to easily slide shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables onto the stainless steel teeth.

811WZdeAFbL._SL1479_ 13683443194

10. The Temporary Tattoo That Tests Blood Sugar.

ucsd-glucose-monitor-964x644 ucsd-temporary-tattoo-964x644

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