10 Creative Product #1

1. Eco Trash Can

What we have here is a trashcan with strategic grooves to hold plastic bags that can collect your daily trash. The plastic bags that can be used are the ones that you get back home from the grocery stores etc. Different sized bags can be used and there are no restrictions; it makes reuse of small plastic bags a hassle-free experience.


2 Storm umbrella with aerodynamic wind resistant Design that can beat wind up to 80 mph.


3. Pineapple Slicer cores and slices a whole pineapple quickly and easily.


4. Extendable handheld selfie stick


5.An electric pin-up board and light-up drawing pin set that allows the most pressing memo to be illuminated when they need to be acted upon.

p2 1

6. Lumio is a dynamic, multi-functional lamp that conceals itself in the form of a hard-cover book. Lumio opens to 360 degrees and comes with a custom orange micro-USB charger, magnetic wooden pegs for mounting, and a beautiful leather strap for hanging.

lumio-book-lamp-1 lumio-book-lamp-4

7. Doorway pull-up bar

The pull-up bar transform your doorway into the perfect home gym. Perform 3 kinds of pullups (Wide, Close and Hammer Grip) and then turn it over to do pushups, situps or dips.


8. Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be “planted” close to a plant, indoors or outdoors, in a pot or in open ground. It measures the parameters that are crucial for the growth and good health of plants: soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity. The data retrieved by the Parrot Flower Power is sent to your Smartphone or Tablet .

112226505469 parrot-flower-power-1

9 Rest- Compact foldable chair

Rest is a compact, foldable seat designed by Theo Fischer Ginman. In its collapsed form, it’s so small it can fit in your pocket… but expand it and you’ve got a comfy place to rest your bum. The telescopic structure can be easily stretched and locked in place in mere seconds.

.rest_01 rest_02 rest_05 rest_06

10.Tool share system

The Tool Share system allows the free use of tools and is inspired by the idea of a sharing economy. One can borrow and return tools to this strategically placed vending machine .

Designers: Hong Uihwoan, Song Yoonji, Choi Seungho & Han Jisoo

tool_share tool_share2tool_share3  tool_share4

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